Tiina Andron Design, ANDRON bags

The key words to describe ANDRON bags are visibility, emotion and function.
 The collection presents a range of different sized shoulder- and handbags, tablet- and briefcases, built to house a variety of documents, phones, tablets and other smart items.
 The ANDRON bags have a very distinctive shape and are designed as a unisex accessory, fitting both men and women.
 The larger bags are multifunctional – they can be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag, a tote, or as a backpack. Where most bags hide their pockets on the inside, ANDRON has brought them to the outside as distinctive, functional feature – the zippered pockets enable fast access to your now well-organized items.
 The bags make use of bright colours, premium quality leathers, waterproof zippers and custom-printed linings. The Andron logo and bag shapes are EU patented.
ANDRON Urban Multi was nominated for the 2014 Bruno Estonian Design awards.

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