About me:                                                                         

In leather working, I am influenced by vintage objects and new, modern design solutions. When ever possible and suitable I use recycled leather in my works, for an ideal ecolological design.

My muse is material and my playground is leather with all its magnificence, freshness and elasticity.

At first I have to find inspiring material, then comes subject and then starts the game of creation. To be honest, most of the times I can’t wait to be back at studio.
I design and produce individual custom orders of leather binding and accessories.


2016 - 2019     University of Tartu, Arts and Technology  Master`s studies  
2008 - 2011      Tartu Art College,  Leather Design and Restauration
1992 - 1996     Tartu Art School , Leather Art


2018 - ......     Jõgeva Art School, Teacher
2014 - ......     Pallas Univesity of Applied Sciences, Guest Lecturer
2013 - ......     Tiina Andron Design, Designer
2007 - ......   Leather studio, Leather Designer

Since 1996 freelance leather artist and designer.                             


      Estonian Association of Designers (EAD)
                     Estonian Leatherwork Artists’ Union (ENL)
      Tartu EDA

Projects and Exhibitions:

  • Eesti Disaini Ala (Estonian Design Area), Tartu Lõunakeskus
  • Estonian Designi House Garage sale and exhibition ,Design and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn
  •   Andron author collections in Desingstreet at Tallinn XII Design Festival
  •  “TAHAN KA!” ( "I WANT TO!")  an Overview Exhibition, Tartu Art College Department of Leather Design  and Restoration, Tartu Lõunakeskus
  • Travel  Exhibition from Estonian History and Modern Design,  Devoted to the 100th birthday of the  Estonia by Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom , North-Africa

  • Presentation of author collections, at Mileedi Flower and  Interior Centre, Tartu
  • Andron author collections  in Desingstreet at Tallinn XI Design Festival
  •  Bag collection "Nordica" presentation, Fashion Event in Restaurant  Werner, Tartu
  • 14. International Book Biennale in Saint Rémy-les-Chevreuse, France
  • "Spekter", Tartu Art College Leather Department exhibition , Pärnu Central Library
  • Exhibition  „Sajajoon“, 100 years of professional Leather art in Estonia , Freedom Gallery, Art gallery in Tallinn


  •  European Fashion and Design market in Brussels
  • Estonian Leather Design exhibition in Bologna Design Week 2016, Italy
  •  Tiina Andron Design in Desingstreet at Tallinn Design Festival
  •  St Anthony’s Yard Fashion Show „Värvides moodi“, presenting the bag collection „Enigma“ , Tartu
  • "Kunstiraamatuid Enn Jaanisoo kogust" ,Harju Country Libary,  Keila
  •  European Fashion and Design market in Brussels
  • Tallinn Desingn Night Festival 2015 „ Disaini ajatelg/Design time line“ design exhibition, Tallinn Department Store
  •  Leather design exhibition „...omas nahas" , Tartu Gallery Noorus
  •  Design exhibition “VÄLI/FIELD“ voL2 , Tallinn Design and Architecture Gallery
  •  Exhibition "Köidetud sõna" („Bound word „)TLN. National Library of Estonia
  •  Moekuulutaja Spring 2015 St Antonius’ Yard Fashion Gala,  Tartu Department Store fashion stage
  • "Scripta manent V. Young Estonian Poetry" Exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art And Design in Tallinn


  •    25ème Marché des Modes de Roubaix, France
  • Ajastaja" , exhibition of poetry books, Metso Central Library Tampere, Finland
  •  „Moekuulutaja“ Autumn 2014, St Anthony’s Yard Fashion Gala, Tartu Department Store fashion stage
  •  Tartu Art College Student & Alumni design exhibition VÄLI/FIELD Tartu Gallery Noorus
  • Tallinn Design Night Festival 2014 „ Metsikult hea Eesti disain“ design exhibition, Tallinn Department Store
  • Estonian Design Awards 2014 nominees’ design exhibition, No99 Theatre, Tallinn
  • Estonian Design Awards 2014 nominee for Bruno industrial design award, Tallinn
  • St Anthony’s Yard Fashion Show „Mood on õues“, presenting the bag collection „ Impact“ , Tartu
  •  „AJASTAJA“, exhibition of miniature books in HOP Gallery, Tallinn
  • I Baltic Bookbinding Biennal, bookbinding exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Exhibition of Enn Jaanisoo’s private collection of Estonian Bookbinders’ works, National Library Main Gallery, Tallinn


  •  Miniature bookbinding „Ajastaja/Timer“, ENL (Estonian Leatherwork Artists Union)
  • travelling exhibition 04,2013 Märjamaa Parish Library, 05,2013 Pärnu Central Library, 10,2013 Tapa City Library, 11,2013 Tartu City Library
  •  St.Anthony’s Yard fashion show “Out of the Closet”, Tartu
  •  Exhibition of artistic bookbinding "Konrad Mägi. Bound" in Tallinn Central Library.
  •  International exhibition “Bound word”, St. Petersburg, Russia
  •  „Scripta manent IV“,chosen artists’ bookbinding pieces, Budapest, Hungary
  •  Exhibition of artistic bookbinding "Konrad Mägi. Bound" in Viljandi City Library
  •  „Meeste asi“, (“Male thing”), Estonian Designers Association competition andnominee’s exhibition, House of Estonian Design Gallery, Tallinn


  • “Estonian Bookbinding Art through five centuries”, Tallinn University Academic Library, Tallinn
  •  “Konrad Mägi. Bound” bookbinding exhibition. 05_2012 Pärnu Central Libary, 07_2012 Kohila Library, 08_2012 Tartu City Libary
  •  “Aeg.Valgus.Illusioon”, accessories on the wall, Antony`s Yard Gallery, Tartu
  •  "Ise tehtud – hästi tehtud", Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition,   Võru City Gallery


  • "Re-realia" an year exhibition Estonian Leatherwork Artists, Tallinn                                   
  •  „Kordumatu kooslus” Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition, Pärnu Central Library
  •  "Flight", Tampere gallery Emil, Finland
  • „Estonian design exhibition“, Helsinki (Estonian House) Eesti Maja, Finland
  • “Scripta manent IV” exhibition in Tartu, Tartu University`s Library
  • "Flight 2011" Exhibition of diploma works, TAC Gallery Noorus, Tartu
  • “estonian-own-jewelry” , Tartu Song Festival Museum, Estonia


  • "Soft and angular",Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition, Tartu City Libary
  • "Scripta manent IV" (writing remains),International Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding,
  •   Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design , Tallinn
  •  " St. Anthony`s temptation", joint exhibition of St. Anthony`s Guild artists, Tartu
  •  "Mosaiik", Tartu Art College Leather Design exhibition, TAC gallery "Noorus", Tartu


  •  "Religviaar", international binding and object exhibit, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonia
  •   "Vanad köited tänapäevas", bookbinding exhibition,   Vanemuine Concert Hall, Estonia


  • "Võileib suudlusega", artist bookbinding and leather object exhibition,  National Library of Estonia